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LV-101’s Most Famous Crewman

Seaman Ervin Maske and the Wreck of the Pendleton
By Ross Patterson II, Assistant Curator, Portsmouth Museums

Published March 23, 2020

Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew

Get a glimpse into the life of the LIghtship Crew By Diane Cripps, Curator of History, Portsmouth Museums.

Published March 1, 2020

virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

“Walk” through history by taking an interactive virtual tour of the Lightship PORTSMOUTH.

Published September 25, 2020



Uniforms of the United States Army Infantryman

From the Civil War to the Gulf

Take a visual journey through time to see how the average American Soldier was outfitted from the Civil War through the Gulf, with special glimpses at artifacts in our Collection not on public display.

Published March 23, 2021 


Ironclads! A Program for Students and Adults

Students learn about ironclad ships from the Battle of Hampton Roads.

Camp Resources

Historical Resource Lists

Get helpful resource guides to books and websites related to various topics and time periods.

Published July 23, 2020

Black Book List

Black History Book List

In honor of Black History month, Portsmouth Public Library created a book list. From famous men and women, STEM leaders, trail blazers and activists, this comprehensive list covers some of the best fiction and non-fictional stories.

Women's Day

March is Women’s History Month

We celebrate women’s history to honor the struggles and achievements of those that came before us, and to give examples to our future changemakers. It is important to highlight where we came from to make a better future.


Published 2020


Talking About Race

National Museum of African American History & Culture provides tools and guidance to inspire conversation.


First of Many:
The Aircraft Carrier USS Langley

By Ross Patterson II, Assistant Curator, Portsmouth Museums


Published June 4, 2020

Raise the Squalus

The Loss, Rescue, and Resurrection of a Submarine
By Ross Patterson II, Assistant Curator, Portsmouth Museums


Published April 9, 2020

A Balloon Oddity

The Story of the USS Wright in 1922
By Ross Patterson II, Assistant Curator, Portsmouth Museums


Published April 3, 2020

Divine Wind and Tortured Metal

The Kamikaze Attack on USS Sangamon
By Ross Patterson II, Assistant Curator, Portsmouth Museums


Published March 26, 2020

Speed Before Safety

The Tragedy of the USS Saturn
By Ross Patterson II, Assistant Curator, Portsmouth Museums


Published March 27, 2020

Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls: United States Naval Vessels under the Rising Sun

Learn about the fates of American ships captured by the Japanese during the early days of the Second World War.


Published August 19, 2020

Portsmouth’s German Village

Interned German sailors constructed a “village” complete with a church, windmill, houses, shops, fences, and gardens on a stretch of riverfront property at the Navy Yard adjacent to their hulking ships.

Hulbert in China

First in the Fight:
DD-342 USS Hulbert

By Ross Patterson II

From the late World War I era through the 1930s, the most common vessels in the Navy’s inventory were Wickes and Clemson class ‘four stacker’ destroyers. 


The Hiker Monument

The story of the Hiker statue on Crawford Parkway and North Street.
By Diane Cripps, Curator of History, Portsmouth Museums


Published April 2020

“A Native of this Place”

The Richard Dale Monument, Portsmouth, Virginia
By Diane Cripps, Curator of History, Portsmouth Museums


Published April 2020

Remarkable Portsmouth

Remarkable Portsmouth

Learn about Portsmouth’s waterfront buildings and the country’s oldest naval hospital.


Published July 2020

Coleman's Nursery

Remembering Coleman’s Winter Wonderland

Take a walk down memory lane with stories about the founder and all that went into creating the displays.


Published December 2020


Charles “Mule” Peete and Portsmouth’s Charles Peete Little League

By all accounts, Franklin-born, Portsmouth-raised Charles Peete had everything it took to be a standout major-league ballplayer.


Published December 2020


First Baseman Buck Leonard

The “Classiest First Baseman in Organized Baseball” passed through Portsmouth twice on his way to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Published January 2021

Portsmouth’s World War II Fallen

Coleman's Nursery

Dead Man’s Ridge:
The Last Day for a Portsmouth Soldier

Meet Ivan Verdenburg, a graduate of Craddock High School’s Class of 1943, and a Glider Infantryman with the 17th Airborne.


Published September 1, 2021

Coleman's Nursery

Tragedy in the Air:
The Last Flight of a Portsmouth Airman

William Carl Sawyer was a Craddock High School Class of 1939 graduate and a B-24 Liberator  gunner with the 389th Bomb Group.


Published September 1, 2021

LST-986 in her Pacific Theater Camouflage. David Buell Photograph

Lost at Sea:
The Last Cruise of a Portsmouth Airman

Vernie Musgrove attended Cradock High School in 1940 before dropping out to work at the Navy Yard, eventually enlisting as a shipfitter aboard LST-695.


Published September 1, 2021